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Visit us

You are always welcome to visit us at Karensminde. All you have to do is to make an appointment beforehand. A farm is a workplace and also a home and therefore a visit has to be planned.

There is a public bus service from Århus almost to the door of the farm. The bus nr. 120, 121, 122 og 123 leaves with a 15 minute interval on weekdays. You can also find the way by clicking on: De Gule Sider / Krak / Rejseplanen.


Contact us

If you have any questions regarding products, sales, a visit or consumer-related questions don’t hestitate to contact us.



Tangbakkevej 3, Følle - 8410 Rønde

Tlf. 61 303 403 og e-mail: mail[at]



Did you know...

...that the small yellow jersey cows which you can find at Karensminde is a cattle race that comes from the small island of Jersey? Thus the name. They differ from the other types of cattle among other things by being smaller and having very big eyes. The color is usually yellow but can vary between white, black and brown nuances.

 Karensminde | Tangbakkevej 3, Følle - 8410 Rønde | Tel. 61 303 403 | E-mail:  mail[at]