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Please note that we will not host Eco-day - Øko-dag - in 2024. But see you next year!

About Karensminde

The organic farm Karensminde is owned and run by Mikkel Juhl Nielsen and Karl Lund Nielsen. The farm, which became ecological in 1996, has 180 Jersey cows producing milk distributed to the consumers by the dairy Arla. The farm and the surrounding 200 hectares of land are situated on the mainland, Jutland in the beautiful region of Djursland.

By means of this site Karensminde wishes to open up doors for ecological farming. We offer all those interested a glance at the practices of ecology. Our philosophy behind it (the ecology practised at karensminde) is far more than symbols and conceptual rules. Ecology is to act.

Our values

"We see ecological approach as the only way to be considerate about our environment. Since 1996 we have been endorsing values such as animal welfare and sustainability. An ecological mode of production challenges you to be responsible and caring."

Mikkel Juhl Nielsen og Karl Lund Nielsen



Did you know...

...that  surveys have suggested that ecological milk has an increased amount of the so called 'fytooestrogens' that can prevent illnesses like cancer (breast, prostate and intestine cancer), coronary heart disease and osteoporosis.


 Read more at The Danish Research Centre for Organic Food and Farming

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