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Karensminde regularly participates in agricultural and ecological projects. Below you will find information about the newest and future initiatives and about the everyday life on the farm.

Milking robot on Karensminde

Starting 1st of april 2009 the first cows on Karensminde experienced being milked by a robot.

Our motivation for buying the two milking robots is among others things that we hope they will give us more personal freedom and flexibility as farmers - also the cows have welcomed the new technology. 

Optimum the cow find its own personal milking cycle and hence figure out when it is time to go to the robot. Off course this has required readjustment and patience for all concerned! The cow is known to be a creature of habit - most comfortable with its herd - therefore the use of the robot during the pasture period has posed a great challenge. We have been obliged to go the the field many times during summer time and bring in those cows who needed milking to the robot. However the Jersey cow which are the predominant race on Karensminde is very curious by nature and this feature has eased the changeover.

Se pictures of the robot in the visual tour


The annual Eco-day (Øko-dag) is taking place every year in April. The day is also called ‘The Release of the Cows’-Day or ‘The Spring Party of the Cows’. The dairy cows spend the winter months in the stables, but during the summer period they are assured grazing at least 150 days. The fresh grass is an important source of vitamins and minerals.

The cows can – like humans – feel when spring is in the air and around April they are ready to be let out. A number of organic milk farmers have decided to let this day fall on the same date every year - so the cows have to wait for that day to arrive.

The Eco-day is a cooperation between Økologisk Landsforening and the ecological dairies: Arla, Thise, Naturmælk, Øllingegaard, Them, Gläserne Meierei, Løgismose and Hansens Mejeri. Eco-day is funded by Mælkeafgiftsfonden and Fonden for økologisk landbrug . The Eco-day started in 2005 and Karensminde has been participating since then.

 Read more about the Eco-day on the website of Økologisk Landsforening

Exchange students and other pupils

Through the years a lot of students have enjoyed their stay at Karensminde. It has been both international and Danish students. We have had visitors all the way from Japan as well as from the local town of Kalø. The cultural meetings that arise are exciting for both the students and for us.

Please do contact us if you want to know more about study related stays.


Did you know...

...that a calf is defined as an animal less than 12 months old, that a heifer is a young sexually mature female not yet having calved, and that a cow is defined as an adult female that has given birth at least once?

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